This food blog was going to be called “Because Life Is Short,” because that is how I feel about the time that we have on this planet when you consider all of the places to travel to, foods to sample and recipes to try. But I went with a theme of: “grand chef, petite cuisine”.

I don’t consider myself a grand chef (nor am I remotely French), and I am (like many of us living the high suburban life) challenged by a small kitchen. Once, on eating a slow cooked spiced lamb shoulder that I had prepared, my French friend exclaimed that she did not know that I was a “grand chef”… and nor would you think so when you know me (I tend to display traits of disorganisation and forgetfulness). The “grand” meals that I create are usually “miracles” of creation, much like life itself.

Cook, whenever possible, with fresh ingredients and take note or ask your supplier about the source of the food, for I truly believe that fresh food is the secret to longevity. Fresh ingredients will therefore enhance your chance to sample and enjoy great food experiences for a longer period of time.

The meals blogged here are often inspired from somewhere or someone, and I’ll always acknowledge the source when it exists.


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