A simple banana smoothie

08 Feb

I was really blessed to catch up with my Mum this weekend past. I was in Melbourne participating in a beach volleyball tournament and Mum caught a train up from Colac so we could hang out. We spent two fun days hanging out in St Kilda.

Mum was telling me that she has recently been inspired to do more walking, little exercises like air squats, eat well and do brain puzzles, all for longevity. She also told me about her rekindled love for smoothies. Berries, yoghurt, chia seeds… yum! So when I returned home to Sydney to find my fridge rather bare (as I had left it) I immediately thought “smoothie”. There was a well-ripened banana in the bowl, frozen berries in the freezer, and honey, soy milk and healthy seeds in the cupboard. With these stand-by ingredients I crafted a classic banana and berry smoothie for breakfast and it was delicious and perfectly filling. This reminded me that the simple banana smoothie can give you everything you need at that moment.

You can really play around with the flavours of this smoothie through your choices of banana and honey. A less ripe banana will make your smoothie nuttier, less sweet and more subtle in banana flavour. An overly-ripe banana will give a lot more sweetness and banana intensity. Similarly, yellowbox honey will make your smoothie sweeter with a classic honey flavor, while a darker honey sourced from hard wood trees like red gum or leatherwood will give your smoothie a rich tannin flavour. Or why not try Manuka honey for its medicinal properties… I’m a fan of honey, can you tell?! And just today Mark Sisson gave a great wrap of honey and man’s primal origins. You can read about it here.

I’m dedicating this smoothie to my Mum because she’s so sweet and she is very good for me, just like this smoothie 🙂


1 ripe banana
1 tsp honey
½ cup frozen blue berries
1 or 2 tbsp chia seeds
1 or 2 tbsp flax seeds
1 tbsp LSA
1 ½ cup soy milk (or this is a variation for my mum: use a mix of low fat milk and natural yoghurt to give it that hint of yoghurt)


Throw the peeled and diced banana into a blender
Drizzle honey on top
Add soy milk
Add chia, flax seeds and LSA
Add frozen berries
Blend until fruit and milk are smoothly combined

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