31 Jan


TEH Omnivore

Zucchini and Carrot 'Pasta'One thing we are enjoying quite often these days is vegetable spaghetti – basically just very thin strips of zucchini and carrot, often in the place of pasta with a pasta sauce or meatballs.

Now, I’m sure you can make these thin strips using a knife and sweet chopping skills, but we invested instead in a vegetable julienne peeler (this exact one actually) and have found it to work a treat!*

To cook, we just stick them in a microwave proof bowl and microwave for a couple of minutes on high, stirring every minute of so. You can also steam them, but you are more likely to end up with mushier vegetables ( or at least *I* am!) and microwaving is way quicker anyway.

*Note:  You will be left with some pieve of vegetable which you can’t further julienne with the peeler (or it becomes hazardous to your…

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