Smashed egg & crispy bacon stack

22 Nov

Skip breakfast? Then read on. Nothing beats an eggy breakfast for jump-starting your day with long lasting energy (provided you like eggs). I threw this stack together fairly quickly so consider adding this to your morning repertoire once or twice per week before you embark on your busy day. It gets crazy out there, so fuel up! I find that an eggy breakfast takes me through to 12.30, 1.00 or even 2.30 pm… even after exercise.

2 hard boiled eggs (I boiled them the night before)
1/2 avocado
1/2 large tomato
small handful of baby spinach
1 tsp fresh or dried herbs (such as oregano, parsley and basil mix)
pepper to taste (I used lemon pepper)

Cook bacon in fry pan on medium heat.

While the bacon is cooking, prepare the other ingredients:

– peel the eggs
– slice tomato into thick slices
– slice avocado into pieces
– wilt spinach (with a dash of water in microwave-proof container in micro on high for 1-2 min)
– squash the eggs with a fork to get a smashed look

Plate up: layer tomato into two stacks and season with a sprinkle of herbs. Add a smashed egg to each stack. Layer on spinach and avocado, season with pepper and top with cooked bacon.


Time: 15 min. Serves 1


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3 responses to “Smashed egg & crispy bacon stack

  1. Suzie

    November 23, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    Yummy; satisfying within and colourfully appealing to the eye. I worked an early shift, home at lunchtime, viewed my emails and checked bigcheflittlekitchen. I had all the ingredients fresh at home – except the piggy was frozen stiff in slices. This meal jump-started my afternoon and gave me the energy I needed to work outside in the vegie garden …….. and boy, is it crazy out there !
    Yummo Leash.
    Mumbo xo

  2. Alicia

    November 24, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Great Mum! I’m glad the eggs helped and thanks for confirming that this dish also makes a superb lunch. The ideal lunch is one that gives us energy that make us want to charge through the afternoon, rather than feel tired, sluggish and sleepy (which can happen after eating).

    Your garden does keep you very busy, especially with family Christmas coming up! Gardening could possibly be one of the best activities as person can do to stay fit and healthy. Look at Oma and Opa – they pottered around their garden until their 80s! The only trouble was getting them to stop… 🙂

    I rate gardening as highly as a couple of hours of brisk walking, but it has the added benefit of lifting and moving things around. It’s quite ‘primal’ actually.

    ‘Primal style’ exercise is all the rage at the moment. It is based on a fitness regime that replicates exercise patterns that shaped our evolution over 2 million years. I follow Mark Sisson’s* model of primal fitness, which is: Move frequently at a slow pace 2-5 times per week (like a 1 hr walk, a hike, or anything that is easy cardio – like gardening); Lift heavy things 1-3 times per week (carry water bottles, do a gym weights session, or move pots and dirt around the garden); Do sprints (something high intensity like an exercise bike or sprints on an oval) for <10min once per week. As I said to Shane (when we did our first sprint session this week) “Run like you have a rhino on your tail” … I then had to stay in front of him so I couldn't be classed as the rhino :-).

    I'm sure your garden is awesome with an array of your favourite veges, that you can just walk out and pick and eat knowing that it is organic, ripe and local. I think many of us would love to have a garden to grow our own veges. Would you consider sending me a photo of your garden to post here on my blog? Many people who read this might not have the opportunity to nurture, grow and eat our own produce, because we live in rentals, or we have no space to grow things. So we buy expensive fruits and vegetables that aren't properly ripe, have probably travelled 1000's of kms to get here, have been grown with pesticides, herbicides and maybe have been GM to grow bigger faster. Sharing your garden might encourage some of us (like me!) to find a solution to this challenge – such as buy locally-grown organic produce from a farmers market (we can try the Manly Food Co-op**), find a community garden or build up a mobile garden of our own in pots (I am in the process of starting to do this – I have the seeds, I have some pots, I just need a day off to get some potting mix and build it!).

    Thanks for stimulating these ideas Mum, with your thoughtful comment. Sorry my reply is a bit long – I might make this an entire blog entry of it's own which I can base around a photo of your garden. Please don't send me a neat photo – I want to see it at it's wildest, busiest and ripest! (But it's ok if your garden is not ready for fame and you can't send a picture. Maybe just before Christmas).

    Thanks again Mum! Love you lots. We're excited to be seeing you at Christmas in a few weeks xo


  3. Suzie

    November 25, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    Such lovely words Alicia. Our vegie garden is a lot smaller nowadays – just the 2 of us at home, both working full-time and we travel from Colac to Ballarat at least once a week to visit Oma, Opa and Nanna. I made claim to what was the big vegie garden and turned it into a rose garden, with a Weeping Cherry, lavenders and other plants. I am enjoying watching the growing process …..’tis pretty to behold. ……. . But yes, we love to have the organic and fresh vegies and fruits in the back yard. The Otways provided our gardens with an abundance of rain this year – unfortunately this resulted in a few varieties of vegetable plants going to seed early. The “throw out” seeded vegies were not wasted ……… a friend has chooks that run free on her property and they loved the fresh and organic pickings. We buy our eggs from her – a good recycling process!
    We are excited and eagerly awaiting your visit !
    Love Mum xo


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