Where the oranges are orange (aka, organic fruit and veg)

17 Aug

Organic fruit and veg delivered right to my door!

What more could I want than people bringing all the stuff I want right to my door step! If only hairdressors, tailors, stationary suppliers (all of my weaknesses) came straight to me then… well, then I’d be broke and frumpy (perhaps not such a good thing then). But here is a deal that was too good (and sensible and healthy) to pass up.

I have been wanting to source organic (i.e. grown with no pesticides or harmful chemicals) F&V for a long now. First to ensure that I consume the most healthy and close to natural produce possible (without being able to grow it myself), and second and equally importantly to cut out the middle man (the Devil’s mates: Coles and Woolworths). The source I am presenting here is Organic Food Delivered. I purchased two Groupon vouchers for a box of goodies containing: mixed apples, mandarines, oranges, kiwis, avocado, sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots and pumpkin. These babies literally* jumped out of the ground and into my fridge for a crunchier, longer life in my kitchen.

So watch this space as I report back on the quality of Organic Food Delivered and road-test the produce in recipes. If I’m happy, then I willl be riding the seasonal-f&v-box wagon into the future and posting lots of seasonal recipes as I go.

* not really

Read the verdict here!


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